2022 Summer Camp

2022 Summer Camp Application

Please fill a complete application per child

Minimum age is 4 years old (01/01/2018)

Fees are $300 for first child, $275 for second child, and $250 for third child.
Fees to be paid with a check to the servant or the priest
Name /Relation to Child /Phone Number

If I would like to authorize someone else to pick up my child not on this list, I agree to send with my child a signed authorization with the name and phone number of the person who will pick up my child on that day, or verbal communication with the servants of the camp.

I give my permission for my child to take part in the church summer camp. I hereby give the leaders to act on my behalf according to their best judgment in an emergency requiring medical attention, and I agree to take responsibility for the expense of such a procedure. I understand that while the leaders will try to act in their best ability, I will not hold them nor the church responsible for any accident or injury, and hereby release the church and the leaders from any and all such liability. By signing below, you are indicating that you have READ and AGREED with all of the above.

I also attest that I have read all of the summer camp rules mentioned in the attached cover sheet.

2022 Summer Camp Rules

St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church

Delray Beach, Florida


Letter to Parents

We are very excited to announce the 2022 summer camp coming soon!

The camp this year will take place from June 6-July 1, 2022. Kids four
years old and older (up to eighth grade) are eligible to sign up and join.
Below are the rules for this year’s camp. Please read it carefully as you
will need to sign an attestation on the permission slip stating your
understanding and agreement to these rules.

1. As a security measure, there is only one entrance where you will
be able to pick up and drop off your children and that is in the back
of the hall, by the playground.

2. As an added security measure, you will be required to sign-in/out
your children on a master roster. Please do not pick-up or drop off
your children without coming inside. During this time, we will
directly share with you any specific reminders or notes about your

a. If you are sending someone to pick up your children, you must
have listed them as an approved guardian on the application. That
guardian must present photo ID when picking up.

3. Due to many complaints, absolutely no electronics, cell phones or
any device with Internet access is allowed on premises. The Head
Servants will confiscate any such devices they see our children using. If
there is a medical or serious need that requires an exception to this rule,
please contact Abouna Mikhail directly.

4. This year, we have compounded the cost of the camp to include the
cost of the weekly Thursday trips for your convenience. We have also
attached a separate permission slip for all of these trips, which must be
submitted with the main summer camp permission slip if you wish to
have your children attend. We have a very strict “No slip no trip” policy
which will be enforced.

a. Under no circumstance is a child who is not registered for the
camp allowed to attend the summer camp field trips.

5. Please have your child eat breakfast prior to coming to camp, as no
breakfast will be served. Please provide lunches daily for your child. We
will be providing daily snacks.

6. Lastly, out of respect and courtesy to the servants, we ask that you
drop off and pick up your children in a punctual manner.
We look forward to another successful Summer Camp this year! If you
have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the summer camp

7. Camp fees are $300 for first child, $275 for second child, and $250 for third child.

May God Bless You All,

St. Mary's Summer 2022 Camp Committee
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