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Church Hall Reservation Form

We are pleased that you have chosen to host your special event at St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church Hall. 

This Church building was made possible through the continued prayers and financial support of its members and so it belongs to you and is made to serve you. We are blessed to have this beautiful Church with its unique art to add a glimpse of heavenly joy to your ceremony. 

To maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the Church, the following guidelines have been put in place for your acknowledgment and adherence.

Although there are no fees for our congregants requesting to celebrate their event in the church hall, we continue to depend on your generous donation to cover utility and maintenance fees incurred with each use.

For Reservations

Reservations are based on availability and a first come, first served basis.

  • Requests should not interfere with church worship and established events.
  • Weekday requests are flexible if there are no church events scheduled.
  • Weekend availability (when no other church events are scheduled) is as follows:
    • Saturday from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    • Sunday from 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Your requested time frame should include time for setup, event, and cleanup.
  • Reservation requests are to be made at a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event.

A signed acknowledgment of these guidelines are required before your event date and time can be reserved.

We expect that you will assume the financial responsibility of any damage or lost items/equipment (whether by use, misuse, accident, or neglect).

The service hall must be returned to its original condition in which it was presented to you. This includes returning all furniture to its original position, clean up of all event decor and debris from floors and platforms, removing all trash (including trash from the bathrooms), and sweeping the floors. It is recommended that you may hire a professional cleaning company to clean following your event. Upon your request, we could provide you a recommendation for a cleaning crew that you may contact and pay directly.


The Church is equipped to provide 1 wireless microphone as well as access to the projector displays upon request. Confirmation will be provided one week prior to your event as we will need to have and IT member available and present for setup.


The church does NOT provide catering OR coffee/drinks for any private events. Please provide your own catering. Food should be prepared prior to your event, as kitchen appliance use will not be permitted.


The church does not provide decorating services including tablecloths, chair covers and center pieces. If you are bringing an outside vendor to decorate for your event they and you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Pins, screws and other puncturing materials, as well as tape, are NOT to be used on the walls, windows, or ceiling tiles. You may use plastic hangers or plastic hooks
  • NO Natural flowers petals, glittered fabric or confetti are allowed on the floors or tables. You may only use fake flower petals for any floor decor – at your own risk
  • While we discourage using liquid in containers for table arrangements, you will be permitted to do so by signing a separate damage responsibility and liability waiver contract
  • Freestanding flowers or decorative stands and table centerpieces are permitted
  • No liquid or glass containers are allowed to be used on the floor for any reason
  • You may only use wet foam for any freestanding flower arrangements
  • ALL décor should be removed by the end of your requested reservation time
  • No movement of pews, icons, equipment, or podiums allowed 

Behavior and Dress Code

Church dress code is to be honored as the hall is on the church premise.
Smoking, alcohol, dancing and inappropriate music are prohibited.

Christian behavior is expected by all.

Food or drink is NOT to be taken outside the dinning hall area.

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians as well as the event hosts to watch over the behavior and safety of young children. The church will not be held responsible for any result of negligence in watching over children.

COVID Guidelines

The church will be enforcing CDC guidelines during all event gatherings. Please be aware of the most up to date CDC rules regarding large gatherings for the State of Florida and Palm Beach County as your guests will be required to abide by them.

Due to COVID, Max allowed capacity of the Hall attendees is 200 people (as of July, 2021).

Hall Reservation
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Event End Time
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By ticking the box and signing this form, you agree with the guidelines presented above and agree that you will be responsible for any damage or cleaning cost that may result from my event
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